So you have talented staff, but how do you create the right environment to motivate them?

All companies have talented staff, however it takes more than just talent to succeed. That talent needs to be motivated. It's true that different things motivate different people but as a leader there are a handful of simple tools you can apply daily that will create the right environment; the talent will do the rest!

Think and behave positively

At TSW we believe leadership is not so much about what you do, but how you show up. Nobody is going to be motivated by seeing your grumpy expression every morning or listening to you complain. Make sure the first conversation you have with each person is an upbeat one, mention the good things that have happened recently or acknowledge a success the company has had. Negative talk is going to set people off in the wrong mindset so avoid it. Even criticism  can be delivered positively and constructively so think before you act, it'll benefit everyone in the long run.

Monitor and record progress

Don’t continually look ahead at what people have left to do, take time to acknowledge what they've scrubbed off their to-do list and recognise the progress made. Ensure that they also realise what they are achieving as they go along and take the time to pat themselves on the back.

Know your goals and share them

If you don’t have a clear picture of what you’re trying to accomplish, how will anyone else? When a common goal is known people will pull together. Keep the topic on the table, refer to the goal each day, and display the message on
boards and planners. People like to know what they are aiming and working toward as this allows them to measure their own progress. Seeing progress made, and having you acknowledge that progress is highly motivating. Winners know what they want to achieve and will take the steps to get them there.

Challenge people, but be realistic

Don’t allow your team to be content with repeating the successes of previous years, push them to do even better.  However, be wary of simply upping their targets to new heights. A new challenge can be a real motivator so allow 
people to change department for a specific task, to take on a special assignment or personal project. A word of warning though, make sure that you are not setting them up to fail, the challenge has to be achievable!

Use rewards

Everyone enjoys a little recognition now and then and it goes some way to building self confidence to excel within their role. When we speak of reward everyone automatically thinks money but that couldn't be farther from the truth. An honest and enthusiastic 'well done' or taking time to sit for a coffee and tell someone how you've recognised their work  can often spur your staff on to achieve greater things. Don’t wait until the end result is achieved, acknowledge milestones to really boost motivation levels within the team. 

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