Why you need health and safety at work

If we asked you what the key factors to the success of your business were, what would you say? Probably not health and safety, but it actually adds real value to your business...

Health and Safety management goes hand in hand with long term success and stability. When running a successful business the main goal is to increase profitability and longevity by decreasing any potential losses in the goods or services which are produced.

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Decreasing the effects of ill-health, poor training and injury in the workplace will inevitably increase employee productivity.

At TSW, we believe there are many strategies involved in adding value to your business through effective health and safety management; understanding the importance of health and safety and increasing reputation through robust health and safety.

Understand the importance of health and safety

Prioritising strong health and safety within the workplace can motivate your employees by demonstrating to them that you care and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their safety. As a result, your  employees are likely to feel valued and will show more loyalty to the business. Simple accidents and injuries will be avoided, meaning a decline in injury related absence and possible litigation.

Increase reputation through effective health and safety strategies

Showing true commitment and dedication to health and safety management within the workplace will  improve employee behaviour, raise standards of performance and as a direct result will encourage potential customers to work with you. Prioritising health and safety will increase your reputation within your industry and prove to competitors and peers that you are an organisation who values and demonstrates health and safety management.

So now you're thinking about which areas of your business to begin looking at, right?

We've compiled a vital list to use as a starting point to progress on the journey of improving and
prioritising your health and safety management: 

  • Devise emergency procedures relevant to your industry sector 
  • Develop risk assessments with effective hazard identification and control
  • Implement effective SMART training protocols to maximise time and productivity factors
  • Promote a health and safety culture where all staff are actively engaged
  • Improve communication within your organisation and appreciate the benefits

Prioritising these identified areas and following a planned and structured approach to implementing 
change is the start of an effective health and safety management system.

TSW currently offers a wide range of health and safety courses developed to provide practical and engaging information for new and experienced individuals within the health and safety field. These include NEBOSH, IOSH and HABC plus many more. Visit our Health and Safety Course section for more information about our course offering or contact us here.

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